Creative. Driven. Inspired.

photo of Emma Frieze

Hello there.

My name is Emma Frieze, and I am a junior at the University of Kansas studying marketing and strategic communications. I live for communicating with others and enjoy approaching creative and analytical projects with a strategic mindset.

I am Creative. Driven. Inspired.

What inspires me to create and strategize is the effective communication that comes from powerful human insights.

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Client & Professional Work

I am business savvy and ready to use my skills to help businesses reach their marketing goals as an intern and/or project consultant.


I am an imaginative storyteller and a professional communicator with effective writing skills.

Research & Data

I have investigative and quantitative analysis skills that I use to interpret and visualize data and to conduct insightful consumer research.

Graphic Design

I create visual pieces that capture special moments and bring unique ideas to life.

Social Media

Concise. Cohesive. Connected. I am dedicated to keeping social media user-friendly and on-brand.

Web Design & Coding

I employ basic HTML and CSS to create visually effective layouts for the web.


Always excited to explore new types of projects, I enjoy expanding my horizons and testing my skills.