Sample Market Research Slide Deck: Starbucks/Coffee Industry and Consumer Trends

This slide deck was created to highlight current market trends in the retail coffee industry, specifically through the lens of Starbucks. My task was to research a specific business, determine its industry classification in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and learn about the company and the industry. 

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Sample Memo: New Donor Proposal for KU Endowment

This memo was written for an audience consisting of the endowment of the University of Kansas (hereafter referred to as KU Endowment, or KUE). My task was to research a local business that could be a potential donor to KUE and to pitch that business as a prospective donor in a memo.

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Coding (Markup) Example

This sample of HTML and CSS was created for JOUR 215: Web Coding at the University of Kansas in fall 2021. Future samples of this type can be located here.

A downloadable PDF with the HTML and CSS for my sample is found above.

Visual Images of Browser with Sample HTML and CSS

The above image shows the “heading 1” as well as a “heading 2.” Using “span” is shown in the “heading 2.”
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Branding Design: The Sophie Jones Collection

See the work here:

I created the above site for my friend Sophie in January 2021 as a fun branding (and web) design project. While this page is not a real shop today, I have no doubt that Sophie will someday transform the world with what she creates for the fashion & beauty industry.

The branding designs I created (using Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator) and featured on this site are inspired by Sophie’s love for fashion, skincare, makeup, and self-care … as well as the sparkle and friendship Sophie brings to everyday life.

Recent Memo Writing: Conference Hotel Recommendation

This memo was written for JOUR 104: Words at Work: Writing Essentials at the University of Kansas in fall 2020. The task was to choose a hotel for a fictional conference and present a recommendation to a fictional boss as a human resources employee for Advanced Solutions.

Memo Sample

To: Mr. Frederick Worth

From: Emma Frieze

Subject: Conference Hotel Recommendation

Three hotel options—Highpoint Airport Plaza, Goldfield Hotel, and Hotel Mason—have been considered for the three-day company conference. After evaluating the hotel options based on space, services, cost, location, and online reviews, I recommend Goldfield Hotel. All below costs are estimated.

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Recent Explanatory Writing: Two Tasty Recipes

This process analysis explanation was written for JOUR 104: Words at Work: Writing Essentials at the University of Kansas in fall 2020. The written instructions complement the YouTube video “7 Recipes You Can Make in 5 Minutes” by Tasty.

Two Tasty Recipes: 1. Five-Minute Mac and Cheese

First, take a regular-sized mug and add ½ cup of macaroni, ½ cup of water, and a pinch of salt. Then, stir for a few seconds with a spoon. Next, put the mug in the microwave for two to three minutes. Once the microwave timer goes off, take the mug out of the microwave and lightly stir the macaroni again for a few more seconds. At this point, the macaroni should be mostly drained of water; if this is not the case, put the mug back into the microwave until the water has almost completely evaporated. After taking the mug out of the microwave, add a splash of milk (about the size of a gulp), ¼ cup of shredded cheddar cheese, and just a pinch of pepper—You should still be able to clearly see the cheese underneath. Stir one more time until the non-macaroni ingredients are consistently distributed. Microwave for 30 more seconds. Give the mac and cheese a quick stir and a few more minutes to cool down before adding optional toppings, such as green onions. Finally, dip in a spoon or fork, and enjoy the creamy, homemade goodness that is five-minute mac and cheese.

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Recent Descriptive Writing: The Pink Slipper

This description was written for JOUR 104: Words at Work: Writing Essentials at the University of Kansas in fall 2020.

The Pink Slipper

Pink leather, worn and scuffed, takes the shape of a collapsed foot. The shoe is smashed on top of clothes in a full duffel bag, carelessly placed and perhaps no nicer in appearance than a worn, old rag. A wide elastic band connects the shoe’s caved-in sides. Tiny pink stitches keep the elastic taut although the elastic resembles an overstretched rubber band. 

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See This Ongoing Project Here:

Personal social media pages are known for often glorifying the truth. People’s online profiles may contrast with their real-life personalities. Strategic influencers armed with the weapon of Photoshop fill Instagram feeds with manufactured images of “perfect” lives.

As I was reflecting on these themes during summer 2020, I asked myself the questions, “What if I created a page that was designed not to showcase my real life, but rather to display my dream life? How could I push the boundaries of my own existence by reimagining my personal life?”

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Writing Archives: CMS Students Make Music at Tabor

This was one of the articles I sent in for publication to the Dickinson County News-Times in spring 2019. The article’s format has been adapted for the web below, and I have recently edited it to more accurately follow the style of The Associated Press.

CMS students make music at Tabor

After three weeks of hard work and diligence in music rehearsals, 76 band students from Chapman Middle School had the opportunity to perform at the Tabor College Band Festival on Jan. 17. These students joined with peers from other schools on that day to rehearse and participate in an afternoon performance. In just a few weeks, they had learned and fine-tuned four pieces for this event.

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