Recent Memo Writing: Conference Hotel Recommendation

This memo was written for JOUR 104: Words at Work: Writing Essentials at the University of Kansas in fall 2020. The task was to choose a hotel for a fictional conference and present a recommendation to a fictional boss as a human resources employee for Advanced Solutions.

Memo Sample

To: Mr. Frederick Worth

From: Emma Frieze

Subject: Conference Hotel Recommendation

Three hotel options—Highpoint Airport Plaza, Goldfield Hotel, and Hotel Mason—have been considered for the three-day company conference. After evaluating the hotel options based on space, services, cost, location, and online reviews, I recommend Goldfield Hotel. All below costs are estimated.

The first hotel option is the Highpoint Airport Plaza; with our other costs, the hotel is able to offer more than enough conference space for free. The room cost for 200 employees for two nights is $42,000 plus tax. The three-day cost for A/V technology is $23,340. Company-purchased food costs total around $31,871. The hotel’s location near the Kansas City International Airport (KCI) is convenient, and there is a complimentary 24-hour airport shuttle, parking, and Wi-Fi in addition to a fitness center, pool, restaurant, bar, and coffee shop. Online reviews are 3/5 stars with several negative reviews about the hotel’s appearance, noise, and management. The approximate total cost would be $97,211 plus tax.

Another option is the Goldfield Hotel, which offers plenty of conference space for $9,000. The room cost for 200 employees for two nights is $70,000 plus tax. The A/V cost is $21,000, and food cost is $43,338. The hotel offers complimentary Wi-Fi but requires valet parking. This hotel is 20 minutes from KCI, has easy access to highways, and is very close to downtown Kansas City attractions, such as athletic arenas and the Power and Light District. Online reviews are 4/5 stars and had mostly positive reviews, particularly regarding conferences and also in terms of staff courteousness. The approximate total cost would be $143,338.

A final option is Hotel Mason, which exceeds our space needs for $7,000. The room cost for 200 employees for two nights is $55,600 plus tax. The total A/V fee is $12,000 and includes full staff support and Wi-Fi connection. Food costs accumulate to $41,564. Hotel Mason offers a 24-hour gym and other fitness facilities. It is located blocks away from the Country Club Plaza and Historic Westport, and a complimentary shuttle is provided within two miles of the hotel. Hotel Mason is also close to athletic stadiums and art museums but a less convenient distance from the airport. Online reviews are 4.5/5 stars. High online reviews stated that the staff was nice and that the rooms were without issues, while lower reviews reported that rooms were noisy and that the technological set-up of those rooms in terms of outlets and Wi-Fi could have been improved. The approximate total cost would be $116,164.

Based on the above information, my recommendation is to have the conference at the Goldfield Hotel. While it is the most expensive option, it also seemed to be of the highest quality. The majority of reviews indicate that its rooms are clean, its staff is friendly and prepared for conferences, and its location is appealing because of its proximity to the airport, highway, and numerous local attractions. The next step would be to book the hotel. Matt Stevenson is the Goldfield Hotel’s sales manager.


Emma Frieze

Human Resources

Advanced Solutions

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