Sample Market Research Slide Deck: Starbucks/Coffee Industry and Consumer Trends

This slide deck was created to highlight current market trends in the retail coffee industry, specifically through the lens of Starbucks. My task was to research a specific business, determine its industry classification in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and learn about the company and the industry. 

As part of my research, I utilized IBISWorld and Mintel reports to learn about the coffee industry. From the information I gathered, I developed three key insights about the industry that Starbucks could potentially utilize when brainstorming its next marketing campaign.

I also researched a nonprofit trade organization in the coffee industry, the National Coffee Association (NCA), and analyzed the NCA’s most recent Form 990.

While working on this project, I utilized my professional research and writing skills, combining over 50 pages of thorough secondary research and analysis that I had compiled into a succinct slide deck. I used proper source attributions and utilized AP Style.

I am very interested in market research and believe that this slide deck displays my passion for this subject. Thank you for reading.

This slide deck was created for JOUR 302: Information Exploration at the University of Kansas in fall 2021.

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