Tinder (National Student Advertising Competition 2020-2021)

During the 2020-2021 school year, I participated in the National Student Advertising Competition with the team from the University of Kansas. Our campaign client was Tinder, a mobile dating app. My team earned AAF District 9’s “Best Audience Insight” award for our audience persona the “Newly Free.”

My role included working on the research, insights, strategy, copywriting and creative ideation components of the campaign. I uniquely contributed to the team in the following ways:

• Actively participated in group brainstorming meetings from September to March

• Contributed to writing a quantitative survey that reached 500+ survey participants

• Led two one-on-one research interviews

• Contributed to strategic ideation

• Produced copywriting for numerous drafts and the final plans book

• Presented creative inspiration and tactic ideas to the internal group

• Attended large-group client calls

• Used InDesign to assist with plans book formatting

Client confidentiality is my upmost priority, which is why my work is not presented on this page. For more information about the skills I developed through my client work, please contact me directly.

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