The Real Deal About Majoring in Marketing at KU: An Infographic

This infographic was created for JOUR 300: Visual Storytelling at the University of Kansas in spring 2021. I chose KU’s marketing major as my topic because, as someone who has majored in both marketing and strategic communications, I believe that many students come to KU with a misconception about what the marketing major really isContinue reading “The Real Deal About Majoring in Marketing at KU: An Infographic”

Branding Design: The Sophie Jones Collection

See the work here: I created the above site for my friend Sophie in January 2021 as a fun branding (and web) design project. While this page is not a real shop today, I have no doubt that Sophie will someday transform the world with what she creates for the fashion & beauty industry.Continue reading “Branding Design: The Sophie Jones Collection”