Tinder (National Student Advertising Competition 2020-2021)

During the 2020-2021 school year, I participated in the National Student Advertising Competition with the team from the University of Kansas. Our campaign client was Tinder, a mobile dating app. My team earned AAF District 9’s “Best Audience Insight” award for our audience persona the “Newly Free.” My role included working on the research, insights,Continue reading “Tinder (National Student Advertising Competition 2020-2021)”

Cre8tive Minds

With The Agency at the University of Kansas, I served as a project lead and copywriter for the B2B educational toy and supply company Cre8tive Minds throughout winter 2020 and spring 2021. I worked in a team to create brand messaging and write product descriptions for Cre8tive Minds. I also provided strategic insights for theContinue reading “Cre8tive Minds”

Sample Market Research Slide Deck: Starbucks/Coffee Industry and Consumer Trends

This slide deck was created to highlight current market trends in the retail coffee industry, specifically through the lens of Starbucks. My task was to research a specific business, determine its industry classification in the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and learn about the company and the industry. 

Branding Design: The Sophie Jones Collection

See the work here: https://sophiejonescollection.wordpress.com/about/. I created the above site for my friend Sophie in January 2021 as a fun branding (and web) design project. While this page is not a real shop today, I have no doubt that Sophie will someday transform the world with what she creates for the fashion & beauty industry.Continue reading “Branding Design: The Sophie Jones Collection”

Recent Memo Writing: Conference Hotel Recommendation

This memo was written for JOUR 104: Words at Work: Writing Essentials at the University of Kansas in fall 2020. The task was to choose a hotel for a fictional conference and present a recommendation to a fictional boss as a human resources employee for Advanced Solutions. Memo Sample To: Mr. Frederick Worth From: EmmaContinue reading “Recent Memo Writing: Conference Hotel Recommendation”